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Solutions: Overview

Through PRISM combined with our data FUSION process, CES creates comprehensive solutions for our customers. We can provide timely, accurate, and complete analytical services and training based on the requirements of our customers.

Below is a sampling of some of the services we offer with PRISM.

Analytical Reports


With PRISM, CES  provides customers with detailed analytical reports using publicly available social media and public records data. Customized analytical reports can be created to meet any need ranging from social network mapping to risk assessments.

Analyst Services


CES provides analysts to our customers who are specifically trained in open source research techniques. Our social media research is complemented by our ability to effectively draw relevant information from a wide variety of open source records. Our analysts have the latest tools and training to provide our customers with intelligent data analysis designed to help our customers make the best decisions for their organization.​



​With PRISM, our analysts monitor identified social media profiles for new activity. Monitoring alerts can also be customized to include geo-location tracking and keyword alerts. These monitors can be set for any length of time, and updates can be customized and delivered as required by the customer.

Open Source Research Training


Our analysts are experts in open source and social media research and we have the ability to train our customers’ analysts in effective techniques for finding, archiving, and organizing publicly available open source and social media information. We can train small and large groups as required by our customers.

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