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Solutions: PRISM

CES specializes in conducting investigations and analysis of open source data which typically is embedded in websites, social media sites, blogs, news feeds, and other Internet-based sources. 

Each of those locations requires specific methodologies to ensure that the data is located and captured in a legally sound and comprehensive manner.   

Websites are typically identified through Google custom searches and captured with web queries, screen prints, or other archival tools. 

Social media profiles are identified through standard Google searches and Google custom searches.   

PRISM is an API-driven (Application Programming Interface) browser-based solution created by a team comprised of former FBI investigators, attorneys, and investigative analysts who are engaged daily in searching and capturing Internet-based information. An API-driven solution provides access to social media data not available through traditional search engine queries, which include additional information, such as metadata and geo-location data. PRISM was created to make life easier for analysts and investigators engaged in Internet-based investigations by systematizing the search, capture, and authentication of social media site data. PRISM also allows real-time monitoring of social media profiles. PRISM currently accesses data from:

Social Media Sites
• Twitter
• Tumblr
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Foursquare
• YouTube
• Google +
• Pinterest
• Reddit
• MySpace

Blog-Based Sites
• Blogger
• WordPress
• LiveJournal

Foreign Sites
• Xing
• Vkontakte
• Orkut
• Renren
• Badoo

News-Based Sites
• Huffington Post
• AP
• Reuters
• Al Jazeera

PRISM was originally intended for internal use by CES investigators and analysts. Since its development and first use, the tool has been offered on a case-by-case basis to select police agencies, state investigative agencies, and select private companies engaged in investigations or intelligence operations.

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