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Solutions: eDiscovery

identification, collection, preservation, analysis, production, presentation

CES has provided eDiscovery services for over ten years to both large and small law firms.
Our services include:

Early Case Assessments (ECA)

Our eDiscovery analysts include both attorneys and technical forensic specialists who are experienced in conducting Electronically Stored Information (ESI) assessments of potential litigation matters. Our experts will assist your legal staff with identifying potential sources of ESI and the costs included in locating and capturing ESI. Potential sources may include:

  •     Social Media or Internet-Based Data on Desktop Computers
  •     Social Media or Internet -Based Data on Mobile Devices
  •     Social Media or Internet-Based Data on Servers
  •     Social Media or Internet-Based Data on Cloud Services
  •     Social Media or Internet-Based Data on Other Devices
  •     Deleted Social Media or Internet-Based Data Artifacts
  •     Websites
  •     Social Media
  •     Other Internet-Based Sites

Identification and Collection of ESI 

Our eDiscovery experts can assist with the identification of viable sources of social media and Internet-based ESI and the collection of ESI in a legal and cost effective manner. More importantly, our experts will ensure ESI is collected, authenticated, and formatted in a manner which provides the best evidence for the litigator by using tools like PRISM

Preservation and Authentication of ESI
PRISM, an API-driven social media analytical and investigative tool, will locate relevant social media and Internet based ESI-based on keywords, concepts, and associations. PRISM and our analyst-driven process will capture and preserve relevant ESI several different ways:

  •    Identify & Capture Links to Social Media and Internet-Based Data
  •    Download Native Files Found on Social Media Sites to Include:

                    • Video Files

                    • Photos & Image Files

                    • Document Files

                    • Site Code Files

  •    Provide Screen Prints in PDF Form of Relevant Pages
  •    Provide Metadata From Each Post, Page, or File Within a Social Media Profile
  •    Provide Native Files From Within a Social Media Profile
  •    Provide a Report on All Captured Social Media Data

Review of ESI

CES provides the collected ESI in a variety of load file formats based on the customer's needs for uploading to legal review tools. CES' services are crucial in the collection and analysis of ESI during the discovery process.​

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