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CES Overview

Computer Evidence Specialists (CES) is a professional firm, which provides investigative, analytical, and intelligence services to the United States Government, private companies, and law firms. CES' operational expertise lies in the areas of cyber investigations, analytics, and risk mitigation.

CES specializes in Internet-based investigations with a special focus on social media investigations. We currently provide national and regional investigative and analytical services on six federal contracts. We have consistently provided  innovative tools and techniques to meet the needs of our clients while working on these contracts.

Using our data FUSION process combined with the power of our web-based social media solution, PRISM, CES combines social media and publicly available data to map out social networks, provide intelligence, and synthesize information for our customers. Our extensive investigative background enables us to meet the most complex needs of our clients for a variety of applications.

Since the inception of CES, we have provided cyber investigative services to our customers. CES has performed computer evidence forensic investigations for numerous public and private organizations. In addition to our in-depth investigative services, we have also provided subject matter expertise on external network intrusions and insider threat issues.

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