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Solutions: Intelligence

CES utilizes FUSION data methodology which fuses together raw source data to produce analytical reports for intelligence products. PRISM, our social media research and analytical tool, provides critical data points drawn from social media data for integration with other data sources and data analysis tools. Analysis of those data points produces valuable intelligence products which can be used within the government intelligence community, the business intelligence marketplace, and private corporations.

Our analysts create four types of intelligence reports:




Risk Assessments:

CES analysts comprehensively assess a situation or issue and suggest probabilities based upon a range of outcomes.

CES analysts identify personnel, communication, transportation, financial, location, and transactional data of a defined group connected to a specific organization.

CES analysts provide real-time and geo-location monitoring data along with raw data on critical events or planned excursions.

CES analysts help our customers with due diligence research, identification of internal and external threats, and competitor assessments.

Example of the Social Media Footprint of a U.S. Embassy

Government Intelligence Community Service
 According to a 2011 Atlantic article, the CIA has acknowledged that they are better able to predict the emergence of major political events abroad through the tracking of social media. Due to the rapid rise of the use of social media in critical emerging events, it has become increasingly important to capture and analyze this data for intelligence purposes.

CES analysts utilize PRISM to identify and collect social media data which can:

• Identify Influencers

• Identify Emerging Groups

• Monitor Political Unrest

• Monitor Insurgencies

• Monitor Terrorist Organizations

• Monitor Criminal Organizations

• Monitor Failed States

Business Intelligence Community
Successful companies are very knowledgeable of their competition and their capabilities within the marketplace. CES analysts can turn raw data into intelligent data through our cutting edge techniques. This information can give our customers the inside edge they need in their everyday business.


CES analysts utilize PRISM to identify and collect social media data which can:

• Identify Competitors

• Identify Product Influencers

• Identify Product Infringements

• Identify New Marketplaces

• Assess Company/Products Reputations & Image

Private Corporations
All companies need to know what threats they face both internally and externally. A single employee can cause extensive damage to a company’s product and reputation through both internal or external activities. Companies engaged in foreign operations need to know and monitor what environmental, political, and financial threats exist in their theater of operation.


CES analysts utilize PRISM to:

• Identify Threats

• Monitor Threats

• Assess Threats

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